MasterCard Keynote at HITS Conference to Tackle Analytics


By Chris Tribbey

One of the main keynotes attendees at the May 25 “Holly-wired: Where IT and Entertainment Meet” event in Los Angeles won’t involve someone from the media and entertainment sector. But that doesn’t mean it’s something they can gloss over.

“Leveraging Consumer Intelligence for Enhanced Real Time Decision Making” will see Nick Curcuru, VP of big data practice for MasterCard, share his insights into how consumer data can be quickly leveraged to make real-time decisions.

His demonstration will show how products and analytics solutions of media services integrate transactional consumer data with online clicks and additional intelligence, and then can be leveraged to help advertisers, intermediaries, and media properties better run their businesses.

These actionable, information-driven insights are on real behavioral and spending data, and are crucial when it comes to deciding what to do next. Understanding and measuring consumer behavior can result in improved media targeting and planning, Curcuru will stress. And making decisions with real-time information based on actual purchase behavior has never been easier. Part of his presentation will see him showing off analytical and predictive models, with a glimpse into mitigating privacy and security concerns.

Curcuru has more than 20 years experience implementing and managing large-scale, advanced analytics projects worldwide, with an impressive list of clients: The Walt Disney Co., Capital One, Home Depot, Burlington Northern Railroad, Merrill Lynch and General Electric Co.

His specialties cover analytics, big data, data mining, statistical forecasting, operations research, business analytics, social media analytics, revenue management and customer relationship management.

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