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Cinram is one of the largest providers of supply chain solutions to some of the most exciting companies in the home entertainment, telecommunications and retail industries. For over 40 years, we have worked with customers such as 20th Century Fox, Universal, Lionsgate, Warner Home Video, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Motorola, Sears and Best Buy to meet their needs for fast, flexible, profitable supply chain solutions.


OpenText is the leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM). EIM enables organizations to grow the business, lower costs of operations, and reduce information governance and security related risks. OpenText focuses on the key drivers of business success to improve business insight, strengthen business impact, accelerate process velocity, address information governance and provide security.

Panelist Bios:

Steven AnastasiSteven Anastasi
Vice President Technical Operations
Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies

As Vice President at Warner Bros. Technical Operation, Steven Anastasi oversees the Entertainment Media Archives group. He is responsible for the whereabouts, preservation and protection of over 6000 feature film reels, 10 million stills, 20,000 comic books and thousands of television episodes. Under his direction the Media Archives has pushed the limits of technology in preserving historical entertainment content and is challenged with managing and maintaining all of the born digital content currently being produced. Prior to working at WB Technical Operation Steven was Vice President at Turner Broadcasting Systems.

Crosier_John John Crosier
Senior Vice President of Digital Architecture and Delivery

Crosier brings 16 years of supply chain experience the last 7 of which has been focused on digital and is responsible for expanding the design of Cinram’s digital services, capabilities, and delivery solutions for existing and new customers. As well Crosier will also be responsible for developing on-going and future market opportunities for current and new customers and oversees the digital supply side mechanics and operations. Crosier remains heavily involved with the DEG (Digital Entertainment Group US) and is also heavily involved with the DEGE (Digital Entertainment Group Europe) and MESA organizations with regard to digital supply chain solutions across all digital platforms (from TV, Film, User generated content, and games through ePublication and application development) including but not limited to the areas of reporting, standards and overall digital supply chain processes and streamlining.

Crosier moved to Cinram from Warner Bros where he served as Executive Director of Global Operations for nearly four years. He also acted as the Digital Ambassador for the industry’s Digital Entertainment Group, leading many initiatives and task forces, including helping to develop universal standards and reporting methods, and continues to work closely with the DEG.

Prior to Warner Bros, Crosier served as Director of Global Operations at Studio411, leading strategic direction of operational policies, objectives, and initiatives. He has further operational, fulfilment and marketing experience with TMI Sales, PDS/New Roads, New Line Home Entertainment and 20th Century Fox International Home Entertainment.
Crosier hails from Bethlehem, PA and received a dual Bachelor of Science in Operations Management and Marketing from Fairfield University.

Ed DurstEd Durst
Principle Consultant
Open Text

Mr. Durst has over 19 years of experience holding senior-level Management, Sales, Marketing, and Product Management positions and has a deep, technical understanding enterprise content management.

Mr. Durst holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration and Management Information System Design from California State University, and is a regular speaker at industry events covering such topics as Digital Asset Management, Document & Records Management, Email Management, Business Process Management, and Collaboration.

Stan_ScogginsStan Scoggins
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Assets
Universal Pictures

Stan Scoggins started Universal Pictures’ Digital Asset Management Department in 1998. The system—SOLAR— has over 1,000 users and houses more than 4 million assets,. SOLAR is the central repository for the advertising, publicity and sales assets of all Universal businesses. Universal’s businesses currently add approximately 800,000 assets per year to the system and order 1.2M files per year for reuse.

Prior to working at Universal, Mr. Scoggins worked as an Associate for Booz Allen and Hamilton in the Information Technology Group from 1995-1998, and for Diane Feinstein’s 1992 and 1994 Senate races. Mr. Scoggins has an MBA from Wharton and an MA/BA from Stanford University.

JR YasgurJR Yasgur
Vice President, Aggregated Metadata Management & Operations
Sony Pictures Entertainment

JR Yasgur is the Vice President, Aggregated Metadata Management & Operations (AMMO) at Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). Ms. Yasgur’s department, AMMO, is the business owner of SPE’s centralized intellectual property and title master system as well as the studio’s physical and first-generation digital asset management system. AMMO develops, implements, and enforces metadata standards for the studio’s critical title, version, and asset metadata. The systems of which AMMO is the business owner feed 325K+ title records and 3M+ asset records to 60+ systems and thousands of users worldwide.

Ms. Yasgur’s department curates, normalizes, and publishes enhanced value-add metadata to fuel existing and emergent digital business models including UltraViolet, second screen experience, and improved content discovery.
Ms. Yasgur’s responsibilities also include creation and servicing of title metadata standards for nearly 150 digital client territories worldwide. Furthermore, Ms. Yasgur leads change management initiatives in response to emergent content exploitation and digital fulfillment business requirements.

Ms. Yasgur is involved with industry-wide initiatives (e.g., EIDR) that involve consortiums of industry stakeholders to define future standards.

Ms. Yasgur is the co-inventor of two patents to codify constructs for metadata management.