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Event Schedule:
4:30 p.m. Registration/Welcome Reception
5 p.m. Opening Remarks
5:15 p.m. Panel Discussion and Q&A
6:30 p.m. Closing Remarks
6:45 p.m. Networking & Cocktails

From Frame to Finish: What’s Your Digital Content Management Strategy?

If assets are gold then content management is the mine. Digital content management is now spreading its organizational powers and influence throughout Hollywood. From the first frame shot to the global distribution finished product, every studio is adopting ways to tag, manage and, ultimately, monetize their content throughout their new digital supply chain — from production through long-tail distribution. Is there a right system for applying the right schema of metadata that will define the product so it can be cataloged for eternity? What are the implications for file-based workflows, storage (local and cloud) and security as everyone — from application to archive — becomes a manager of our industry’s most valuable asset — its content.

Dive into the critical top-of-mind topics that are pressing content owners across a broad spectrum of the media and entertainment industry. In a 24/7/365 environment file based workflows, asset management, cloud computing, content security, social media, mobile, multiple platform content delivery, disaster recovery, archival and preservation aren’t just buzz words, they’re serious business; affecting the top studio’s management decisions.

Join us for a panel discussion of thought leadership with forward thinking executives who will address these pressing issues as well as look at emerging technology and the impact of social/industry developments. They will share their unique perspectives on the state of the media and entertainment space, and offer targeted insights about preparing their digital strategy for the future.

HITS presents a Burbank Think Tank event produced by MESA, providing members of the entertainment, production and digital services community an easy and accessible way to meet, mingle and advance the creation, production and distribution of entertainment content.

Hollywood is home to the most concentrated population of entertainment professionals in the world and Burbank is where Hollywood gets the job done! The HITS BT2 is the place to be for the local community to share best practices, stay on the cutting edge, network and unwind at the end of a typically stressful, high-pressure workday. This after work networking event brings together a panel of visionary thought leaders in a candid and expansive conversation on the explosion of digital files in the global entertainment space and the evolutionary changes that are happening to our digital supply chain.

Topics include:

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Mary Yurkovic

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Garrett Randall