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Event Schedule

8 a.m.: Registration Opens
9 a.m.: Conference Sessions
5:30 p.m.: Networking Reception


Conference Sessions

9 a.m.
Welcome Remarks
Devendra Mishra
, Chief Strategist, MESA and Executive Director, HITS

9:15 – 9:45 a.m.
MORNING KEYNOTE: Digital Marketing – The Hollywood Transformer

The ongoing transformation of Hollywood Studios from being B2B to B2C in a marketplace where personal devices – smart phone, tablets, set top boxes and game consoles, have necessitated the adoption of new communication, technologies, services and a paradigm shift in thinking. Leveraging understanding of the consumer and their on line behaviors has opened an unprecedented window of opportunity for content distribution but there are formidable challenges which will be discussed. The digital pipeline between the content owner and the consumer is being configured. The impact of social media and platforms will be addressed and the Panel will also focus on the confluence of Film, TV and Home Entertainment products in digital distribution.
Michael Tritter, Senior Vice President, Interactive Marketing, Warner Bros. Worldwide Marketing
Interviewed by: Andrew Wallenstein, Editor-in-Chief Digital, Variety

9:45 – 10:30 a.m.
Engaging the Digital Consumer in the Web-Enabled Device World
The radically changing business of marketing for films, TV and home entertainment across numerous channels and devices has become very complex but represents growing streams of revenue. In addition, the cost of production and marketing are spiraling upward. The shrinking windows, digital distribution, physical and long tail are challenges. While ignoring social computing is no longer an option, how ready is the internal Marketing/IT organization to embrace Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and the like? Social Media has changed the world of marketing forever. The Panel will draw heavily from Best practices of other industries as well.
Moderator: Jay Tucker, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Programs, Institute for Communication Technology Management, Marshall School of Business, USC
Bruce Bleasdale, Vice President, Technology Solutions Delivery, The Walt Disney Company
James Brennan, Executive Director, Television Marketing Business Relationship Manager, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Michael Crooks, Practice Executive, Social Enterprise, Industry Consulting Services, Communications, Media & Entertainment, HP Enterprise Services
Jennifer Cooper, Director Media & Entertainment Strategy, Adobe
Michele Edelman, Vice President, Marketing for Digital Distribution, Warner Bros.
Jennifer Klawin, Director of West Coast Sales, Tumblr

10:30 – 11 a.m.

11 – 11:30 a.m.
Marketing Resource Management: Fusion of the Left and Right Side of the Brain
What has been an elusive challenge of establishing best processes which combine the creative process with technology solutions is being operationalized over a multi-year game plan in major territories of the world. The presentation will address the implementation of a non-customized, marketing resource management solution and development of intellectual property using a vendor, where user change management and seamless integration with technology platform are achieved to empower the multi-faceted businesses of entertainment.
Tom Roach, Vice President, Worldwide Theatrical Distribution, Marketing and Production, Warner Bros.

11:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Going Global, Scaling for Digital with a Business-to-Business TV Platform
With US and international TV distribution businesses becoming increasingly integrated – and facing new growth in digital distribution, Sony Pictures Television is leveraging an innovative new business-to-business web platform to scale sales operations, improve marketing effectiveness, and create operational efficiencies in delivering programming, digital assets and metadata to a growing number of TV channels and digital outlets worldwide.
James Brennan, Executive Director, TV Marketing Business Development, Sony Pictures Entertainment

12 – 12:20 p.m.
Synergizing NFL Brand Advertising with User Acquisition Through Mobile Devices
As consumers adopt smartphones and tablets in record numbers, nature of advertising is evolving from a TV concentric world to one that connects the brand advertising opportunity represented by TV to the interactive, and user acquisition opportunity represented by smartphones and tablets. The proliferation of social media, SEM, mobile and local marketing can now connect in unique ways to TV and other traditional forms of marketing through sensors on smart devices in the hands of hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide. Hear how the NFL is creating these connections for fans and marketers alike.
Manish Jha, General Manager, Mobile, NFL

12:20 – 12:50 p.m.
AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: A Tale of Two Cities; How Hollywood’s Creation Culture is Affected by Silicon Valley’s Disruption Culture

Since the rise of the Internet we have witnessed incredible value destruction in the music and journalism businesses. As the DVD business deteriorates, will the next wave of “creative destruction” wash over the movie and television business? Or could the Information Economy be on the verge of being replaced by a new Imagination Economy in which technology is placed in service to creative content and a new global media and entertainment boom, fueled by a rapidly growing global middle class, results? Professor Jonathan Taplin, Director of the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab and producer of Mean Streets, The Last Waltz and To Die For will sketch out a possible scenario that might help us avoid an entertainment business implosion.
Prof. Jonathan Taplin, Director, Annenberg School of Innovation, University of Southern California

12:50 – 1 p.m.
Introduction to HITS Innovation and Technology Showcases

Hear from each of the showcase presenters about the innovations and technologies they are showcasing during the breakout sessions in the afternoon.
Moderator: Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA

1 – 2:15

2:15 – 2:55 p.m.
Digital Asset Management: The Nexus for Digital Marketing!
Digital assets consisting of content, artwork, trailers, metadata, other marketing collateral and associated information enable effective, integrated marketing for revenue maximization in the global market place for all mediums. Top studios have built such systems for product life cycle exploitation in all channels of distribution. Challenges of centralization and decentralization of assets is a major aspect of the overall design. Tune in to this discussion as these experts reveal how DAM is part of the journey for digital marketing.
Moderator: Mary Yurkovic, Director, Content Strategy Council, MESA
Alex Grossman, Vice President, Big Data, Media And Entertainment, Quantum
Charles Matheson, Industry Strategist, Media & Entertainment, OpenText
Veda Narayanan, Director IT, Creative & Product Development Systems, Disney Technology Solutions & Services
Wesley Simpson, Vice President Media Asset Management, Turner Broadcasting Systems

2:55 – 3:15 p.m.
Digital Marketing in the U(GC)Tube World

Machinima, the global video entertainment network for young males, has become a powerhouse in disruptive new media, delivering a multi-platform, worldwide, anytime, anywhere approach to its content. Highlighting the company’s scale, programming strategy, vast network of influencers, valuable engagement tools such as social platforms, and beyond, the presentation will address how the company uses data to get more scientific around the concept of “influence.” Machinima has created a new economy, driving audience, activation, social amplification, and honing in on conversion rates, ensuring everything they do is created through a data environment. With a new focus on direct to consumer, Nanea will give insight into where the company is going and how data plays into that future.
Nanea Reeves, Chief Operating Officer, Machinima

3:15 – 4 p.m.
Operationalizing Big Data Advanced Analytics for Results
The entertainment industry is transforming from B2B to B2C with the confluence of disruptive technologies. Building an expanded ecosystem to position content in emerging channels of digital distribution and influencing customer behavior in a social media driven market place is the potential for growth and business model evolution.
Moderator: Andrew Wallenstein, Editor-in-Chief Digital, Variety
Michael Becker, Market Development North America & Strategic Advisor, Somo Global
Girish Bettadpur, Product Line Director, Akamai
Jamie Gallagher, Sales Consulting Manager, Value Chain Planning Applications, Oracle
Dominique Hanssens, Bud Knapp Professor of Marketing – UCLA Anderson
Richard Maraschi, Global Solutions Leader, Big Data & Analytics, IBM
Tom Moran, Senior Director, Media & Entertainment, Savvis, a CenturyLink Company

4 – 5:30 p.m.
HITS Innovation and Technology Showcases

(Multi-Track Break-Out Sessions)
Three tracks of 30-minute sessions where industry experts share innovative ideas, processes, or perspectives in an interactive and intimate way with the audience who are free to choose which topic/area they find most interesting.

4 – 4:30 p.m.

NASCAR’s Fan and Media Engagement Center: Understand and Engage Fans Across Any and Every Media Channel
For NASCAR, it’s all about real-time coverage – real-time responses to traditional, digital, broadcast and social media outlets to remain in the driver’s seat. During this session you’ll hear how HP collaborated with NASCAR to better serve their industry, media, fans and sponsors by creating the NASCAR Fan Media Engagement Center – a solution based on HP’s Interactive Media Command Center that can synthesize your big data in real-time.
Michael Crooks, Practice Executive, Social Enterprise, Industry Consulting Services, Communications, Media & Entertainment, HP Enterprise Services
Steven Worling, Senior Director, Information Technology, NASCAR

Match Point: A Cross-Screen Case Study with Tennis Channel
Tennis fans watched the 2013 US Open on every screen — TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. Join us for a chat with Tennis Channel to hear their first-hand account of live streaming the US Open across desktops, iOS and Android devices to deliver a true TV experience and greater revenue across screens.
Kory Burke, Senior Manager Business Development, Video Solutions, Adobe
Dean Hadaegh, Senior Vice President, Broadcast Operations, and Chief Technology Officer, Tennis Channel

Big Data Is Good, Right Data Is Better: The Key to Understanding your Audience
The demand for online and mobile entertainment is growing exponentially year over year. While the audiences are of varied demographics, they have very unique expectations when it comes to consuming content through these channels. They are discerning and react to issues with the viewing experience – whether it is related to content, packaging, advertising or the quality of video stream – quickly and resolutely. Whether by way of reduced engagement or immediate abandonment, these audiences show their displeasure clearly and without any ambiguity. This session will outline these critical drivers of audience engagement and discuss the tools that are necessary to understand, monitor, diagnose and respond to problems quickly and at scale.
Girish Bettadpur, Product Line Director, Akamai

4:30 p.m.
How Analytics Will Put You on App Store Charts
Marketing your app without using app store data is like hoping you stick out in a forest while wearing green. Making a chart-topping app doesn’t just depend on your engineers- it’s about strategically leveraging app market data. App Annie’s presentation reveals global trends driving the app store economy and analytics tools that will inform your app’s marketing and product strategy. Should you localize to Spanish? What’s the competition up to? Which KPIs will push you into the Top 50 Apps? All critical questions you need to ask. Come see why 90% of the Top 100 iOS publishers chose us.
Nicolas Beraudo, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales, General Manager US, AppAnnie

Real-Time Marketing for TV Marketers
Social media is widely used by many networks and continues to grow and change. Companies need to not only stay on top of these changes but also ensure they have an understanding of the analytical side to gain insights on online conversations, engaging prospects in real-time, and increasing message impact.
We’ve seen many examples of the positive influence real-time marketing can have for television shows, films and brands, especially when there is a negative message circulating or bad situation brewing. Brands which act quickly in their response, and appropriately, have the power to influence the direction of these conversations.
Malcolm De Leo, Chief Evangelist, Netbase

Digital Resource Planning: Building a Digital Backbone
ERP systems are considered the company “backbone” and for the most innovative enterprises a new “digital backbone” is emerging as media assets become central to an organizations mission and messaging. This session illuminates the new Digital Recourse Planning paradigm and how digital media platforms are being integrated into traditional ERP and CRM platforms. The linkage of business systems with digital asset management and distribution systems provides an organization with greater control and reporting on the use of media and its true value. Innovative ideas and products can be tested and brought to market faster and at lower cost. The Digital Media Supply Chain is now integrated and working in a coordinated fashion with back office business systems giving producers and executives long sought transparency into the cost, rights, time and quality of their production.
Matt Corodimas, Senior Account Executive for Media & Entertainment, OpenText
Charles Matheson, Industry Strategist, Media & Entertainment, OpenText

5 p.m.

Using Big Data and Social Mining for Predictive Supply Chain and Financial Planning
For Media and Interactive Entertainment enterprises, today’s rapidly changing Supply Chain landscape requires business leaders to rethink their Integrated Business Planning processes. With the increasing shift from physical to digital content distribution, new approaches to planning for predictable revenue performance are necessary during this period of transition. This session discusses examples of how a combination of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data can be leveraged with a solution in which big-data-based analytics feeds supply chain and financial planning to reduce operational costs, avoid costly mistakes, and help gain visibility into long term predictable revenue performance.
Jamie Gallagher, Sales Consulting Manager, Value Chain Planning Applications, Oracle

The Consumer Decision Journey: Put your money where and “when” your customer is!
The modern consumer is the consummate channel surfer – mobile, online, TV, iPad, social media – when it comes to shopping. Research identifies how consumers interact with this explosion of channels along their decision journey to expand product and brand recognition, help evaluate products and services, and bond with brands. A this decision journey becomes increasingly digital, it’s leading to a surge of data that the C-suite needs to analyze, understand, and take action with to be where and “when” the customer is. Those brands that can master the data, tools, and techniques to unlock the decision journey are the ones that will unlock profits.
Tiran Dagan, Partner, Media & Entertainment Sector, IBM Global Business Services, Strategy & Transformation

Big Data on a Small Budget
Tom Moran of Savvis will talk about a number of deployments of “Big Data” Solutions that were done under significant budget constraints. While many think that these days “cloud” is the answer, no matter what the question, Tom will talk about implementation that combine everything from simple Co-location to dynamic cloud based environments that can expand and contract rapidly.
Tom Moran, Senior Director, Media & Entertainment, Savvis, a CenturyLink Company

5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

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