JR Yasgur, Sony Pictures

August 20, 2012 · Posted in Speakers 

JR Yasgur
Vice President, Aggregated Metadata Management & Operations (AMMO)
Sony Pictures Entertainment

JR Yasgur is the Vice President, Aggregated Metadata Management & Operations (AMMO) at Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). Ms. Yasgur’s department, AMMO, is the business owner of SPE’s centralized intellectual property and title master system as well as the studio’s physical and first-generation digital asset management system. AMMO develops, implements, and enforces metadata standards for the studio’s critical title, version, and asset metadata. The systems of which AMMO is the business owner feed 325K+ title records and 3M+ asset records to 60+ systems and thousands of users worldwide.

Ms. Yasgur’s department curates, normalizes, and publishes enhanced value-add metadata to fuel existing and emergent digital business models including UltraViolet, second screen experience, and improved content discovery.

Ms. Yasgur’s responsibilities also include creation and servicing of title metadata standards for nearly 150 digital client territories worldwide. Furthermore, Ms. Yasgur leads change management initiatives in response to emergent content exploitation and digital fulfillment business requirements.

Ms. Yasgur is involved with industry-wide initiatives (e.g., EIDR) that involve consortiums of industry stakeholders to define future standards.

Ms. Yasgur is the co-inventor of two patents to codify constructs for metadata management.


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